What is Cannabis Distillate?

What is Cannabis Distillate?

Cannabis Distillate is a newer production technique for distilling cannabinoids to create a concentrate from plant matter. Because this production technique essentially creates a cannabis extract with a pure molecular level, Cannabis Distillate is often called “The Pure.” Touted as the next evolution in cannabis science, Cannabis Distillation enables extracts to grow in popularity because […]

SPARC’s Lead Cultivator Talks About the 2020 Growing Season on the Farm

Cannabis Grower at the Farm

While 2020 has been a revolving nightmare for many people both personally and financially, it’s been something of a big and positive year for harvests at the rebuilt SPARC farm in Sonoma County. Wildfires have ravaged other parts of California in the last month, including an area about 35 miles away in Sonoma, but so […]

How Fire Has Shaped California History, and the SPARC Farm

cannabis plants burned from fires

Wildfires have been a natural part of California’s geography going back millions of years. The history of fire in the state can partly be told through the rings of giant redwood trees — some of the naturally fire-resistant giant sequoias in Sequoia National Park are 3,000 years old, and they tell the story of fires […]

U.S. House of Representatives Set to Take Historic Vote On Cannabis Legalization

Speaker of the House, Nanci Pelosi

Before the election in November, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is set to vote on some historic legislation that would mark the first time that the United States Congress has voted on legalization of marijuana at the federal level. While it is largely just a gesture of political good will for the growing cannabis industry […]

How to Appreciate Cannabis Through The Senses

sensory experience

Our sensory systems are powerful, intricate components of the perceptual experience of reality. In short, our senses create that reality. It is essential, then, to understand how we can use our sensory processing to appreciate the more beautiful things in life like food (taste), fragrance (smell), and music (sound). Our team at Sparc believes that […]

Best Ways to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe

buds on a table

It’s a common situation where you want to smoke after a long day, but in your haste, you’ve accidentally broken your precious pipe! You can always replace a pipe, but let’s say you’re tired of continually having to rely on a single method of consuming your cannabis.  Contrary to what you may initially think, there […]

SPARC’s MBA Summer Intern on What Cannabis Customers Want Now

This summer, SPARC employed a virtual MBA summer intern. His name is Dale Henriques, and he’s between his first and second year of at Stern business school at New York University, and because of the pandemic he was able to apply for this internship across the country and fulfill his duties remotely. Dale has spent […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Plant Anatomy

The anatomy of a cannabis plant

When looking at a cannabis bud, you’ve probably noticed the complexity in the different parts that you can see. From the little sugar crystals to the bright, colorful hairs, a cannabis plant’s anatomy is fascinating. What are these different features, and what function do they serve for the plant? Related: Activism, Equity, and the Future […]

SPARC Founder Erich Pearson on Activism, Equity, and the Future of Cannabis

Erich Pearson CEO of SPARC

When he first came to California to grow weed with a friend in Sonoma County, Erich Pearson couldn’t have known that he would land in the middle of a statewide and later a national fight for legalization, or that he would end up owning one of the most successful dispensaries in the Bay Area. His […]

How to Become a Budtender: A Complete Guide

Budtender weighing cannabis

The business of bud is exploding with an increase of 30% of the marijuana market since its legalization. With more and more demands for medical and recreational use, dispensaries require talented, passionate, and reliable individuals to face and advise their customers. That is where budtenders come into play. Here’s how to become the cannabis expert […]

Cannabis Activists Take On Criminal Justice Reform Seeking to Free Drug Offenders

As the U.S. begins waking up to the tragedy that our prisons are filled with inmates who did little to land in jail besides sell — or possess — a little bit of weed, non-profits and legal-defense organizations are stepping up efforts to get those inmates freed. The possession, sale, and growing of cannabis for […]

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System? Everything You Need to Know

Cannabis in the sunlight

Cannabis is something to be enjoyed, but it’s essential to know just how long weed stays in your system. It’s important because you would never want to put yourself into a situation where it compromises your safety or others’ safety. Being clued up on this information will ensure you can use weed for the benefits […]

How Does It Feel When You Take CBD?

woman sitting on chair with coconut

Known for its calming and rejuvenating properties on both the body and mind, CBD is becoming increasingly popular due to its many health benefits, minus the intoxicating side effects commonly associated with marijuana. Made by mixing extracted and diluted CBD with a carrier oil such as coconut, CBD oil is an effective remedy for many […]

A Brief History Medical Marijuana In California

biodynamic cannabis plant in the ground.

When people talk about medical cannabis in the U.S., most everyone thinks of the state laws enacted in the last three decades, beginning with California’s Compassionate Use Act (Prop. 215) in 1996. But medical use of cannabis in the U.S. dates back to the 1840s, when cannabis oil was widely available as an over-the-counter medication […]

Actress Turned Talk Show Host Turned Documentary Producer: Ricki Lake Talks Cannabis

Ricki Lake turns 52 in September, and she’s already had at least four careers in that time. Starting out as a young actress in John Waters’ films and landing her own, wildly popular talk show at age 24, Lake has always been one of the more candid and authentic celebrities in Hollywood, especially when it […]

How Humans Started Consuming Cannabis, For Both Ritual and Pleasure

As Americans continue to share under-reported narratives about our historically unjust culture, cannabis can’t be left out of the conversation. Criminal justice reform in this country begins with discussions of the over-policing and over-prosecution of drug crimes, particularly where marijuana is concerned, and state prosecutors are only beginning to grapple with decades of unjust mass […]

Introducing the Sonoma County Land Where Marigold Cannabis Is Grown

chickens on a cannabis farm

SPARC’s Marigold line of sungrown marijuana is unique even among Northern California’s rich history and array of outdoor cannabis cultivation. As a brand, Marigold stands for quality, minimal environmental impact, and the core principles of organic and biodynamic farming. And it’s grown on especially fertile land that has been used for farming in the Sonoma […]

Jahlibyrd Founder Chris Anderson Talks About His Love of Outdoor Growing

Jahlibyrd, the Northern California cannabis product brand, goes hand in hand with music and community, and they want to keep it that way. Founded in Nevada County with a focus on sustainability and a proud connection with reggae culture, Jahlibyrd has been partnering for several years now on the California Roots music festival in Monterey […]

Q&A With Gold Seal Co-Founder Neil Dellacava

Gold Seal is one of the most respected and acclaimed cannabis brands in the Bay Area, in no small part because it has maintained a clear focus on small-scale, high-quality cultivation. The brand initially became known for an exclusive strain called Cherry Cheesecake — an indica hybrid of Cherry Pie and Kimbo Kush. Based primarily […]

Q&A With Atrium Cultivation’s Co-Founder Shawn Gardner

Atrium Cultivation is a premium, luxury cannabis brand known for its award-winning and exclusive flower varietals. Founded in 2017 in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California, Atrium Cultivation has taken a place in the maturing cannabis industry among the top cultivators of uniquely flavorful marijuana products. The company’s acclaimed breeding program sources from rare and […]

How ‘420’ Was Born at a Northern California High School in 1971

For several decades, the true origin story behind the euphemism “420” and the international cannabis holiday we now celebrate on April 20th was not widely known. The internet therefore became filled with misinformation and myths about the term — was it a penal code associated with marijuana? Bob Marley’s birthday? — until, during the last […]

Celebrate 4/20 with SPARC Deals, Virtual Gatherings

It’s been, by far, the weirdest April in the history of SPARC. And here it is almost 4/20, and where we would usually be getting ready to celebrate with everyone else during the third 4/20 since legalization, we’re instead figuring out how to keep all our delivery drivers and retail personnel safe and how to […]

San Francisco’s Love Shack by SPARC Dispensary Opens This Week

February 18, 2019 Press Release State by State: California San Francisco, CA. — Feb. 21, 2019 — PRESS RELEASE — Closed since March 2018, the legendary San Francisco cannabis dispensary Love Shack re-opens its doors this week in its original Mission Dolores location with a new name reflecting a new partnership: Love Shack by SPARC. Known […]

From Wine to Weed Country


Rohnert Park, CA. – November 14, 2018 – A leader in California cannabis known for its dispensary outlets as well as for its farming practices, SPARC is pleased to announce the release of its first Demeter Certified biodynamically farmed strains. Biodynamic agriculture is an ecological farming system that views the farm as a self-contained and […]

Back to business as usual for pot farm

Timing is everything. It was the worst kind of timing on Oct. 8 when the Nuns Fire raged through the Gordenker Ranch property where SPARC, a San Francisco-based marijuana collective, leases growing acreage. In October, a good percentage of the crop had been picked and stored on site, awaiting transport to East Bay processing facilities […]


April 18, 2018 · by fleamarketfunk · in 45 RPM, Vinyl Records This year 420 falls on a Friday, which is good for lots of people. It’s also good for this collaboration between SPARC and the Jazz Dispensary, which looks to be a wonderful match for a day like this, not coincidentally the day before RSD 2018. For those not in the know, […]