Celebrate 4/20 with SPARC Deals, Virtual Gatherings

It’s been, by far, the weirdest April in the history of SPARC. And here it is almost 4/20, and where we would usually be getting ready to celebrate with everyone else during the third 4/20 since legalization, we’re instead figuring out how to keep all our delivery drivers and retail personnel safe and how to best get products to everyone who needs and wants them at reasonable prices despite the coronavirus lockdown. Click here to see our full response to COVID-19.

We know a lot of people are out of work right now, and despite or because of that, cannabis consumption is at an all time high . So, we’ll try to help you out as we try to stay afloat ourselves.

To start, for the whole month of April, there are weekly deals going on — week 1 was 20% off flower, this week it’s 20% off pre-rolls, and we still have two more weeks of featured products coming! Just click on “Shop Sale” at your nearest location on the SPARC homepage.

The City of San Francisco has made it abundantly clear that no one will be welcome to congregate at Hippie Hill this year — and the whole area will be fenced off on Monday, with a major SFPD presence roaming the vicinity. Social distance is still the law of the land, and hopefully you’ve made the most of it by learning a new skill, cooking, catching up on your favorite shows, or conquering a game that’s always frustrated you.

Luckily, in honor of 4/20, in case you hadn’t heard, there is some entertainment happening that you can enjoy while comfortably medicating yourself at home. 

First, there’s the Highstream 4/20 Festival, which is a collaboration between the National Cannabis Festival and The Emerald Cup, featuring The Pharcyde, Melissa Etheridge, Disco Biscuits, Laganja Estranja and Ape Drums of Major Lazer, among others. The festival also features interactive panels and workshops as well, and it’s benefiting Crew Nation (a charity for road crews affected by the shutdown), the Drug Policy Alliance, and Americans for Safe Access. That will be airing on nugs.tv from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time.

And second, there’s The Great American Sesh-In featuring Tommy Chong, B-Real, and Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza. That will airing here starting at noon, and it benefits pandemic first responders.

Finally, join us at 3PM on Instagram as we go live with Garden Society for a 30 minute yoga session. 

Let’s all get on FaceTime with friends and watch these virtual concerts and look forward to next year when, hopefully, we can all gather together in public spaces and parks again.

Stay happy and stay safe.

— The SPARC Team

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