Different Ways Weed is Used

Different Ways Weed is Used

Today, there are so many different ways weed is used. Whether it is for recreational or medicinal reasons, how you ingest weed is just as critical as the weed you buy. Different ways weed is used can affect the potency, effect, and benefits for the user.

There are three typical ways weed is used and consumed: 

  • Smoked 
  • Ingested
  • Topically Applied

We’ll explain the different methods of consumption within each category. By the end, you’ll know your way around a bud and the best way to use it.

Ways Cannabis is Smoked 

By smoking cannabis, marijuana smoke fills the user’s lungs, absorbing into the bloodstream. This is an effective way to feel the effects of THC quickly. Users experience a change in mood within minutes of taking their first hit.

There are two typical ways cannabis can be smoked: vaporization and smoking. While vaping is a new technology and once touted as a safer method for smoking, recent studies find that vaping is just as harmful as smoking. If a user chooses to smoke instead of vape, they have many options for smoke inhalation.

Pipes and Bowls 

Pipes and Bowls are the most commonly preferred method for smoking weed. These small, portable pipes make it very convenient to use. Another reason for their popularity, pipes and bowls come in a variety of cool shapes, sizes, and creative designs, making them functional statements of personal style. 

As the cannabis burns, pipes and bowls trap the smoke for a user to inhale. They are easy to handle without the risk of burning your fingers like you can with a joint. And many pipes can fit into your pocket for discreet portability.

Different Ways Weed is Used: Joints


By filling rolling papers with cannabis, joints allow users to customize the type and amount of weed they use easily. Similar to a pipe, the rolling paper traps the smoke inside for the user to inhale. Joints are small, portable, and easy to use. 

While inexpensive, newbie weed smokers may have trouble rolling their own joints. There is a small learning curve to craft the perfect joint. Also, as you near the end of the joint, it becomes harder to handle and pass to other people.  

The end or butt of a joint is affectionately referred to as a roach. Users employ roach clips to hold the tiny end of the roach, so they don’t burn their fingers.


Vaping is a relatively new way to smoke marijuana. Vaporizers heat the weed until it is almost to combustion, turning the active ingredients into a vapor that can be inhaled. This is better than inhaling harmful smoke. Vaporizers are also very small for portability and concealment. Many vaporizers fit comfortably into your pocket.

Vape pens are becoming more popular as a method for vaping. These small vaporizers heat cannabis cartridges to create a vapor that is safe for inhalation. You can buy disposable or rechargeable vape pens.


Blunts are cigar wrappers that are hollowed out and then stuffed with weed. One blunt is the equivalent of six joints. Because you have to scoop out the tobacco to fill the wrapper with weed, the blunt has a tobacco hint when it is smoked. 

Blunts are fat, easy-to-use, weed delivery devices. You smoke a blunt like a joint, but a blunt delivers way more smoke from each hit.

Water Pipes (Bongs and Bubblers) 

Popular smoking devices, water pipes are similar to hand pipes, but they incorporate water to help cool the smoke. Known as bongs and bubblers, water pipes come in all shapes and sizes. They can hold large amounts of smoke in their tubes to be inhaled all at once for a more substantial hit. 


Hookahs are similar to water pipes but can allow multiple users at the same time. Hookahs are rarely used for smoking weed because their low water content burns the weed faster than the smoke can be inhaled, which ends up wasting the plant and creates an acrid taste. To slow the burn rate, tobacco can be infused with the weed but has more harmful side effects.

DIY One-Time Devices 

If you don’t have a pipe, vaporizer, or papers, you can always make a Do-It-Yourself single-use device from various household items and even food. You can create a makeshift pipe using an apple, onion, aluminum can, bottle, or milk jug. 

A popular DIY one-time device is a gravity bong. You can make a gravity bong from a plastic bottle, milk jug, or two-liter soda bottle. Gravity bongs pull smoke into the main chamber using water and gravity.

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Dabbing is similar to vaping by using extracted THC resins from the cannabis plant. THC is the main component that causes a high. Dabbing can use THC as a hash oil, a soft solid form called wax, or a hard solid known as a shatter.

When dabbing, a person heats the oil or solid (instead of the plant) in a glass pipe or bong using a blowtorch. The THC extract creates a vapor that can be inhaled. This can produce a strong high because the THC extract is a high concentration of THC.

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Different Ways Weed is Used: Tinctures

Ways Cannabis is Ingested

For people who don’t like the smell of weed but want the high it produces, you can always ingest cannabis to enjoy the same result. While marijuana brownies have been popular for ages, the newer process of cannabis distillate allows users to infuse THC extract into any food or drink.


Edibles are foods and drinks infused with ingestible cannabis oils and extracts of the cannabis plant. Swallowed and digested like food, edibles affect people differently because they don’t immediately enter the bloodstream. Edible highs can last longer and be more powerful, causing psychoactive effects on the entire body.

Edibles come in many forms, such as baked goods, candies, granola bars, and gum. You can also buy THC pure extract, which is odorless and tasteless, and add it to your favorite drink or snack.


Tinctures are a liquid cannabis extract that can be dropped under the tongue for quick absorption. Users can control their dosage, and it doesn’t have the same health risks as smoking. Commonly used for medicinal purposes, tinctures are a great alternative to smoking.

There are many tinctures that use THC and CBD extracts. THC extracts have psychoactive effects where CBD has no side effects.


Sprays work similarly to tinctures, but instead of dropping THC doses, the user sprays the liquid form of THC under their tongue for fast absorption. This is a common method for medicinal users who don’t want the harmful effects of smoking or the extra calories from edibles.

Different Ways Weed is Used: Oils, Lotions and Balms

Ways Cannabis is Topically Applied  

For people who want the benefits of using cannabis without the high, you can use topical oils and lotions to relieve inflammation and muscle pain. Topical application is often used for beauty or medicinal purposes.

An NCBI study compiled the results of several clinical trials of CBD and THC. They found that high doses of CBD oil can:

  • Alleviate insomnia
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Treat epilepsy

More studies will be conducted to validate other medical benefits of CBD and THC.

Oils and Lotions 

Topical oils are extracted from cannabis and often do not contain THC. The CBD extracts are infused with oils or lotions to be smoothed over the skin to relieve pain, hydrate the skin, and reduce inflammation. 

Because CBD oils and lotions do not have any high-producing side effects, they are growing in demand for everyday use. Sparc offers a full line of topical oils and lotions.

Final Thoughts 

There truly are many different ways weed is used. Whether you smoke, ingest, or apply cannabis, you can enjoy the different effects of using different methods. While smoking is a more recreational consumption method, many users prefer edibles and topicals for medicinal use. 

The number of methods for cannabis use continues to grow as the market evolves. And the development of cannabis distillation will further push how cannabis will be used. As more clinical studies validate the benefits of THC and CBD extracts for medicinal use, the more commonplace cannabis will be around us.

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