Frequently Asked Questions


Masks are encouraged in-store, and we recommend placing orders online. Due to demand, deliveries may take longer than stated on our site. A text message will be sent with ETA when your driver is en route. If same-day delivery isn’t possible, a message will be sent and the order queued for delivery the following day. A message will be sent with alternatives if an item is out of stock, or if other issues are found.

General FAQ's

Where can I find store details like hours and contact info?

Please take a look at our Locations page here for a map of our stores, hours, contact info and amenities.

Do I need a medical card or doctor recommendation to shop at SPARC?

SPARC is open to everyone of legal age in California! If you are a medical customer with valid documentation, we encourage you to enjoy those added benefits as well. Have all medical records ready when you sign up online or in-store.

Where can I get a cannabis doctor recommendation online?

We partner with Dr. Weedy for convenient recommendations from the comfort of your home. Get your recommendation started here.

What holidays are you closed for?

We close for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

What's the difference between a SPARC store and a Preferred Partner location?

Our Preferred Partner locations are a group of independent dispensaries we’ve partnered with outside of our current pickup and delivery areas. Each partner location offers a variety of SPARC brands like Marigold and Farm Direct, as well as their own store inventory.

The online shopping experience is exactly the same as if you were shopping at a SPARC store. On our Locations Page, look for the Preferred Partner locations identified by the grey ‘P’ icon.  Our preferred partner icon

Ordering FAQ's

What are the instructions for ordering online for delivery or pick up?
Image of cart slide-in window
  1. Add products to your shopping cart. After all items have been added, select the Cart icon in the top right corner of the screen. A slide-in window will appear with your cart items. 
  2. Select View Cart to be taken to a separate page with an enlarged view of your cart. On that screen, select Proceed to Checkout to be taken to the Checkout Details page. (Or, on the slide-in cart window, select Checkout to skip the enlarged cart page and proceed straight to the Checkout Details page.)
  3. If this is your first order, you’ll be prompted to create an online account before your final order is placed. You will need to upload a valid, non-expired ID, and for medical members, your current Medical Recommendation. Users with an account will enter their existing credentials. Alternatively, you can create a Guest Account for faster checkout. Note that you are not required to create an online account for walk-in purchases at any of our stores, only for online Delivery and In-Store Pickup orders. 
  4. You’ll be taken to the Checkout Details page. Here, you can change your fulfillment type between Pickup and & Delivery (if available). After you confirm your cart products and totals and apply any promo codes, check the Terms & Conditions checkbox and then select Place Order.
  5. You’ll arrive at the Order Confirmation page, which means your order was successfully sent. You’ll also receive a confirmation email in your inbox.
Oops, I want to add or delete something from my order that's been submitted. Can I?

In most cases, yes! As long as you haven’t received notice that your order is ready for pickup or en-route via delivery, we can often add or delete items. If you’ve received a text from us already, respond with your order updates to that number. Alternatively, call us. Find our store phone numbers here, or delivery department phone numbers here.

How do I know my order has been received?

First, look for an order confirmation email in your inbox. Second, someone from our online fulfillment team will reach out by text after they receive the order into our system.

Can I place an order with my friends account?

No. If you wish to order online, please create your own individual account. Upon delivery or pickup, our staff will match your ID with the account used to make the order.

What kind of payments do you take?

We offer a variety of payment options, including touch-less ACH transfer from your bank account, debit cards, and cash. Your exact payment options will be listed at checkout.  Visit our Payments page for more info.

Can I use my Senior or Veterans discount online? What about my SPARC reward points?

Senior discounts will be automatically applied to your cart at the Checkout Details screen. At this time, other discount groups and reward points are available for in-store purchases only.

Delivery FAQ's

Is your delivery service really free?

It is! We don’t add additional convenience fees or increase the price on delivery products. Just meet the delivery minimum in your area to qualify for free delivery. Want to know the minimum for your area? Visit our Delivery Map here and enter your address or zip code.

Do you deliver to my address?

At this time, we deliver to the following zip codes:

SF and San Mateo County:

Sonoma County: 94515, 94922, 94923, 94928, 94931, 94999, 95401, 95403, 95404, 95405, 95407, 95409, 95430, 95431, 95436, 95439, 95444, 95446, 95448, 95462, 95465, 95472, 95486, 95492

Please visit our Delivery Map page here. Enter your address or zip code in the search field to see if we deliver to your area and get additional information like delivery hours, order minimums and payment options.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your arrival time can vary depending on time of day, traffic, and other factors, but in areas where we offer same-day delivery you can expect to receive your order within 30 to 90 minutes.

Can I track my order once it's out for delivery?

As soon as your order has been processed and a driver assigned, you’ll receive a text notification that the order is en-route with an approximate ETA. Once it’s on the road, you can see the drivers’ progress to your location using a link provided in the text.

What happens when my driver arrives?

To ensure greater discretion and safety for everyone, your driver will arrive in an unmarked car and will not be wearing a uniform. You will receive your order in a nondescript bag that looks like it could be a food delivery.

If paying by cash, please have it ready. Drivers are unable to wait or give rides to the ATM, and will only be carrying your order and enough cash to make change. Also, please have ID present to show your driver. If you place the order, you must be the one to receive it.

For oversight and safety, drivers may be outfitted with security cameras with audio/video recording capabilities during delivery, and are randomly selected for surveillance by our security team. Drivers are tracked by GPS at all times.

Should I tip my delivery driver?

Tips are very much appreciated, but not mandatory or built into the existing price in any way.