SPARC exists to be a positive, guiding light. Each week, we introduce new featured brands to continue our rich history of connecting customers to brands. Our goal is to help you get to know the wide variety of world class brands we carry on our shelves so that you can find your next favorite product. We are tremendously proud of the company we keep.



At SPARC, we strive to carry the best product choices for all tastes and budgets. Our own Farm Direct brand offers quality California cannabis to customers looking for a reliable product at a good value. Straight from the farm, direct to you, affordable prices — it’s that simple.



SPACE GEM: The original infused vegan gummy

Space Gem makes their products with a whole lotta love in Humboldt County, CA. Since starting 7 years ago, Space Gem offers some of the highest quality, award winning, handcrafted edibles on the market. Their edibles provide for discrete cannabis consumption and accurate dosing.

Space Gem is a labor of love created by Wendy Baker in her home kitchen in Humboldt County. Space Gem was founded in 2013, after Wendy saw a need for high quality edible products for medical patients. She wanted to create a product with Humboldt grown cannabis that was free of dyes, harsh chemicals, solvents, and fillers.

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Friendly Farms cartridge

FRIENDLY FARMS: From farm to friend

Since 2006, Friendly Farms has been dedicated to setting the standard for high quality strain-specific concentrates. Maximum flavor meets maximum potency. Their proprietary method of extraction allows consumers to receive the true full spectrum effects that cannabis has to offer.

The founders carry over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. As a self owned business, they are committed to never compromising their standard of quality. They collaborate with California’s top cultivators in order to ensure consistency in our products and to give consumers an opportunity to try out their favorite flower strain in cartridge form — anytime, anywhere.

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Person holding Lobo preroll
Lobo prerolls

LOBO: A pack above the rest

Lobo‘s premium cannabis cigars are a unique product, hand-crafted with top shelf indoor organic flower and selected for terpenes and potency. To get the best product, they collaborate with the best growers and extractors in California. From the flower, to the live sauce, to the cannabis fan leaves – this is a pure cannabis experience, the way it should be.

Lobo is a minority-owned brand that is licensed by Green Line, a social equity facility out of Oakland, CA.

Click here to learn more about social equity brands

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Talking Trees bubble hash

TALKING TREES: Listen to the trees

Talking Trees Farms is perched on a hill in Northern Humboldt County — and is focused on sustainability and cultivating only using organic methods and inputs, never chemical pesticides. They guarantee clean, safe cannabis.

Their bubble hash is always single sourced from their farm and is produced in-house by Have Hash in a closed loop system. Even the ice is made in house with reverse osmosis water! Everything is done by hand to produce a cleaner product. Fine and easy to work with, Talking Trees hash always a smooth smoke.

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Wellness Feature

SPARC Capsules - 10mg 1 to 1 ratio
SPARC Capsules - 10mg 13 to 1 ratio
SPARC Capsules - 25mg 1 to 1 ratio
SPARC Capsules - 25mg 20 to 1 ratio

SPARC: Cannabis Capsules

SPARC’s blue and white, coconut oil infused capsules are an easy way to keep your endocannabinoid system saturated and administer larger doses of THC & CBD without the sugar or additives of other edibles.  Available in 10mg capsules (1:1 & 13:1 ratio) and 25mg capsules (1:1 & 20:1 ratio).

SPARC is a long-trusted source for the highest quality cannabis. We began as a trailblazer in medical cannabis, and continue to originate and propagate many of the industry’s most rigorous quality-control practices. For those who benefit from medical cannabis and those who responsibly enjoy adult-use cannabis, SPARC is committed to advancing the standards of how cannabis is cultivated, packaged and retailed industry-wide, and being a force for good in the neighborhoods and communities we call home.

SPARC cannabis products are sustainably grown on our Sonoma County estate in fully organic, biodynamic fields using only natural sunlight.

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