High Holidays – Your Guide to a High THC New Year’s Eve

Kiva Lost Farm Gummies available at SPARC San Francisco Cannabis Dispensary

Your travel plans have been canceled, your New Year’s Eve party is on Zoom, and you’re ready to say GOODBYE to 2020. Ring in 2021 with a trip through SPARC’s highest of high THC delights. This list of the best high THC cannabis products is certain to help you end 2020 on a much needed high note.

From tinctures and extracts to gummies and cannabis-infused sriracha, if you’re looking for high THC products we’ve got you covered.

Start with Kiva Confections’ awesome, strain-specific, Lost Farm flavored gummies. At 10mg of THC per piece, these live-resin gummies are the perfect way to control your buzz. And the flavors are unique and driven by the strains used: Citrus Spritz is made with resin from Clementine, a sativa-dominant hybrid of Tangie and Lemon Skunk; Raspberry is made with Blue Dream, which is known for its sugary berry flavors; and Strawberry Lemonade is made with Super Lemon Haze, a hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

When it comes to cannabis flower, you can’t get much sweeter than Marigold’s sungrown, biodynamic Blue Dream. SPARC cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco and Sonoma County carry this special flower in eighths or grams, and it clocks in at an NYE-friendly 31.7% THC.

Space Coyote infused prerolls available at SPARC cannabis dispensary in Sebastopol

Also in the preroll department we have five-packs of Space Coyote’s live resin-infused prerolls. The sativa prerolls clock in at 32.3% THC, and the indica prerolls at 27% THC, so these are perfect for a quick and buzzworthy smoke.

Manzanita Naturals Kwik Ease Shots available at SPARC cannabis dispensary in San Francisco

Ready to see fireworks? Explore Manzanita Naturals Kwik Ease shots. These $10, beverages feature CO2-extracted cannabis oil infused in water and blended with honey, lemon juice, ginger, orange, and quillaja bark. Be sure to pay attention to dosing, each of these small bottles contains 100 mg of THC.

Potli cannabis infused sriracha available at SPARC cannabis delivery San Francisco

Potli’s groundbreaking, cannabis-infused sriracha is the perfect condiment to add to any virtual soiree. If you need some recipe ideas for this spicy, THC-heavy hot sauce, check out their amazing cannabis-infused recipes.

Jade Nectar cannabis tinctures available at SPARC cannabis dispensary San Francisco

Jade Nectar tinctures come in indica and sativa varieties, in 30-milliliter, 300mg dropper bottles that are perfect for micro- or macro-dosing. Infused in California olive oil, the indica tincture is made from pure landrace strains that originated in Afghanistan, while the uplifting sativa tincture is made from Thai, Lamb’s Bread, and African landrace strains.

LEVEL Protab SPARC cannabis delivery Santa Rosa

For easy dosing this New Year’s Eve, you may want to stock up on some LEVEL Protabs — basically just cannabis in a pill. The indica and sativa tablets each come 10 to a pack for $29, with 25mg of THC per tablet.

And for some next-level THC delivery, don’t miss Emerald Bay Extracts. Emerald Bay’s Sherbet Indica RSO full-spectrum oil brings a unique, energizing, and calming high with 89.1% THC — the perfect remedy for any pandemic holiday stresses. And their Blue Dream extract clocks in at 834.8mg of THC — definitely enough to get you through to the new year.

Shop all these products now in the SPARC by visiting our San Francisco cannabis dispensary in Lower Haight or Love Shack or our Sonoma County cannabis dispensaries in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.

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