How to Make a Joint Burn Slow

Burning joint

Are you tired of wasting your weed? If you are wondering how to increase the quality of your consumption, Sparc is here to help.

Knowing how to roll a perfect slow-burning joint is one easy way to enhance your experience with cannabis. Rolling a joint doesn’t have to be an intimidating process; here are some tips to get it just right, whether you are a complete beginner or already consider yourself an expert.

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Quality Check – Know Your Cannabis

The first thing that you will need on your joint rolling journey is a high-end cannabis product. Once the buds are harvested from the marijuana plant, they need to be dried out. After drying, the curing begins. The curing process is relatively simple, but an under-cured or uncured bud may still have some moisture in it, causing uneven burning. If the flower is too wet, you may have a hard time getting your joint lit at all. On the other hand, old or over-cured cannabis can be too dry, causing it to burn much too quickly. Generally, a moisture level of about 10% is ideal. Need help picking the perfect bud? Sparc is here for you!

Grind It Out

Properly ground cannabis is essential for rolling a great joint. When ground correctly, your buds will be in the perfect condition to produce a nice slow, even burn. The fine consistency that you will get from grinding your weed helps make sure that everything heats evenly without wasting any of the precious flowers. You also need to make sure to get an even grind; if you have small chunks of bud in your joint, it won’t burn evenly or smoothly. When choosing a grinder, try to find one that gives a nice fine grind.

Know Your Paper

For a perfect joint, choosing the right rolling papers for your needs makes a huge difference in the quality of your smoke. There are a couple of different factors to consider when deciding on which papers you want to use.


The thicker your papers are, the quicker that they will burn. For best practices, you want to choose the thinnest paper that you can comfortably handle. If the packaging mentions ultra-thin or thin, they will generally burn slowly and evenly.


Rolling papers come in many different materials, but which ones are the best?

  • Wood pulp papers are the easiest for beginners to handle. They maintain their shape well and burn at a medium rate.
  • Rice papers are usually all-natural. They burn slowly but are a little more challenging to handle than wood pulp. 
  • Hemp papers are a little bit thicker than their rice counterparts but are generally easier to roll. They may burn a little quicker, but there is a lot less room for error.

Pack It Just Right

Packing a joint

Before you get to rolling, you need to spend a minute to focus on packing your bud in the paper that you chose. A tightly packed paper is essential when it comes to creating the perfect joint. It’s not hard to do, and it doesn’t take long, but it is an important step that is easy to glance over. After adding your bud to the paper, packing it is simply the process of rolling the paperback and forth with your fingertips to create a tightly packed log of cannabis.

Wax, Honey, and Hash Oil

There are a few ingredients that you can add to your joint to help improve the burn rate, taste, and effects. The most popular methods of adding these to your joints are:

  • “Twax” your joint with wax. You can add wax in with the ground buds on your paper, or coat it on the outside. Either way, this will give you a significantly slower burn rate.
  • Add some hash oil. Not only will the oil help with slower burning, but it will also boost the potency of your smoke.

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Roll It Right

Now that you know how to make your joint burn better and slower, it’s time to roll! Rolling your joint tightly is a significant factor when it comes to having a good smoke. After packing your bud in the paper, tuck one side under the cannabis and roll it up. A tight roll restricts airflow, leaving you with a slower burn. Be careful of rolling too tightly; if you have no airflow, it will be difficult to inhale. You may not get it perfect on the first few tries, but with some practice, you will be rolling joints like a pro.


Inhaling a joint

You rolled a great joint, but what’s the best way to smoke it? First off, you don’t want to inhale while you are first lighting your joint. This can result in uneven lighting. After you have it properly lit and are ready to take your first puff, remember to inhale gently. Inhaling intensely will make your joint burn much faster. For the best results, relax, take your time, and enjoy your smoke. After the work that you put in, you deserve it!

Cannabis – Not Just For Smoking

Marijuana plants

There are plenty of other options for enjoying your cannabis other than smoking it. Looking for something else like vapes, beverages, edibles, or extracts and tinctures? Sparc has you covered. We offer a wide selection of many different products; you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for. And don’t worry, if you still feel a little intimidated about rolling for your first time, we offer prerolled joints for your convenience.

All you need to roll your perfect joint now is to find the best bud, perfect papers, and decide if you want to add a little extra something to it. Now that you know what you are doing, it’s time to practice! Whether you are looking to buy, or just have some questions, don’t forget to stop by and visit us for all of your cannabis needs.

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