12/16/2020 | Sonoma Index-Tribune

City Council moves forward with pot dispensary

By Jason Walsh

Sonoma officials on Monday gave the green light for the city’s first-ever commercial cannabis business. The city council voted 4-0-1 at its Dec. 14 meeting to grant a conditional certificate to Santa Rosa-based Sparc, enabling the cannabis company... read more

"The city council voted 4-0-1 at its Dec. 14 meeting to grant a conditional certificate to Santa Rosa-based Sparc, enabling the cannabis company to potentially open its planned dispensary at 19315 Sonoma Highway in 2021."
"According to Sonoma Planning Director David Storer, the next step is for Sparc to apply to the Sonoma Planning Commission for a use permit for its Sonoma Highway location and, if it receives that, Sparc would then apply to the city manager for the commercial cannabis license."

10/8/2020 | ABC 7

Sonoma County cannabis growers concerned about smoke taint after wildfires

By Wayne Freedman

SONOMA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) — Harvest time in Sonoma County. We’ve already heard about the grapes, and concerns about how smoke taint from fires will eliminate some vintages, but here’s something new. “That’s ash... read more

"There is organic smoke from a forest. But if it comes from a house fire, there all kinds of chemicals. Then, we need to take the crop to a lab to make sure we're not contaminating the product."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC
"The wine industry is flattening out. Sonoma County can use all the tourism it can get because of the fires. So, we're hoping to do that."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

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9/9/2020 | Bohemian

A Farm and a Dispensary Bloom in Sonoma

By Jonah Raskin

Mike Benziger has grown many things in his life, but not this. “We’re not growing placebos,” Benziger tells me at Glentucky Family Farm, where his pot patch looks and feels more like a jungle than a garden. It’s challenging to move around... read more

"SPARC is local, owns and operates a cannabis farm in Sonoma Valley, runs dispensaries in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol and San Francisco, and has a proven track record."

8/19/2020 | Wine Business Monthly

SPARC Awarded Sonoma's Exclusive Cannabis Retail License

Today SPARC announced that the City of Sonoma has awarded the company an exclusive cannabis retail license further enhancing its presence in Sonoma County, where it currently operates locations in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, with its third... read more

"The city ran a very competitive process and we are deeply honored to have been selected. As a Glen Ellen resident, it has been my dream to operate a world-class facility in my own back yard."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC
"We look forward to expanding our existing footprint in this community, offering well-paying jobs to Valley residents, and continuing our excellence in providing access to safe legal cannabis to consumers and medical patients."
Sean Kelley
President & COO, SPARC

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8/18/2020 | Sonoma Index-Tribune

Sonoma dispensary license awarded to Sparc

By Jason Walsh

Sparc, a Santa Rosa-based cannabis company, will receive Sonoma’s lone business license to operate a storefront dispensary in the city limits. The Sonoma City Council voted 5-0 at its Aug. 17 council meeting, held via the Zoom online platform, to... read more

"As part of its proposal, Sparc promises to donate 5 percent of its profits to support various local nonprofits, including the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation and La Luz Center."

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8/12/2020 | Passport Magazine

Erich Pearson: Founder and CEO of SPARC

By Kelsy Chauvin

Marijuana plants are finicky. They need the perfect amount of sun and water, plus mild temperatures. Their soil must be balanced with the right nutrients, and there shouldn’t be too much humidity. Then, even once the plants grow several feet tall,... read more

"Like any good farmer, Pearson keeps learning how to improve cultivation. He collaborates with cannabis breeders to curate prime phenotypes, improve strains, and maximize his crops. With plans to build a plant nursery and greenhouse on site, he says he’s excited to have proper infrastructure to be 'a first-class company that’s growing cannabis.'"
"I’ve got a vision with our farm in Glen Ellen. I want this place to be incredible, where someone can come in like they would a winery, and enjoy cannabis, and hang out on the lake, maybe listen to some music, and take a tour and learn about biodynamic farming, and the animals on the farm. We hope to have public access to our property, where folks can come and experience the cannabis plant and the nature that we produce it in. I’m pretty laser focused on that."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

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7/14/2020 | KSRO

Amy Jenkins And Erich Pearson On Creating Cannabis Appellations

Pat talks to Amy Jenkins, California Cannabis Lobbyist, and Erich Pearson, SPARC Dispensary CEO, about SB 67 and the possibility of creating cannabis appellations throughout the state.

"A appellation, as the State [of California] is proposing it, would [require cannabis cultivators] to grow the plant in the soil and under the natural sunlight, much like with grapes... It looks like the State is heading in, what I feel, the right direction: a place on the Earth, where the plant grows in the natural environment."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

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7/13/2020 | NCIA's Cannabis Industry Voice

Full Integration While Expanding Your Product Line

Learn more about full integration while expanding your product line with Michael Bostarr, Director of Strategy and Implementation of SPARC

Michael is a passionate organizer who produced Blunt Talks San Francisco, and helped bring to life Meadow’s first-ever camping retreat – Meadowlands. He is former Chief of Staff at Kin Slips and Michael is now the Director of Strategy and... read more

"Our goal is to grow; our goal is to have lots of locations. But it's also to do so in a way that preserves the history of California cannabis, focuses on community, and continues the model that's the foundation of what we built."
Michael Bostarr
Director of Strategy & Implementation, SPARC

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7/8/2020 | New Cannabis Ventures

San Francisco Cannabis Pioneer SPARC Sees Opportunity in Wine Country

Exclusive Interview with SPARC Chairman and CEO Erich Pearson

By Carrie Pallardy

Vertically integrated cannabis company SPARC opened its first retail store in 2012, and it has continued to grow in the Bay Area. Chairman and CEO Erich Pearson spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about how the company farms in wine country, the... read more

"For right now, SPARC is really focused on growing in California’s wine country. The company has had success with the competitive application process in the area..."

Learn more: take a virtual tour of the SPARC Farm, located in the heart of Sonoma Valley

6/19/2020 | Cannabis Business Times

SPARC Hires Out-of-Work Farmers for Its Sungrown Cannabis Operation in Glen Ellen, Calif.

The vertically integrated cannabis operator partnered with La Luz to employ 10 workers referred by the nonprofit organization

By Melissa Schiller

When SPARC CEO Erich Pearson saw the local Hispanic community in the Sonoma Valley suffering from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, he leveraged the company’s relationship with La Luz, a nonprofit organization that provides resources... read more

"Anybody who’s out of work deserves a job. I think [the Latin American] community in particular, the immigrant community, has had it worse off through COVID, and those are our neighbors. Those are our community members."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

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