6/15/2020 | LA Weekly

Pandemic Merges Pot and Latinx Farm Labor Support Effort in Wine Country

By Jimi Devine

One cannabis company, SPARC, is attempting to do its part helping the wine country Latinx community that’s seen much of its economic opportunity disappear with the pandemic. With many wine country farm laborers and restaurant employees out of a... read more

"SPARC was founded on medical cannabis patients support in San Francisco during the AIDS crisis. We have always been about supporting the community by cultivating and providing clean medical and recreational cannabis. Offering meaningful employment with help from La Luz reminds me of where we came from, and the multitude of positive impacts that come from running a legal cannabis business."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: take a virtual tour of the SPARC Farm, located in the heart of Sonoma Valley

4/28/2020 | Forbes

Five Questions With Erich Pearson, The Deeply Compassionate CEO Of SPARC

By Warren Bobrow

Years ago when I was working in the rum business I would rely upon the good nature of fellow bartenders who had their medical cannabis cards in California. One of the places that always was on my must-visit list is the formerly medical only... read more

"All of our cannabis is outdoor grown in the highly coveted Sonoma Valley. Much of which is grown biodynamically — all activity on the farm is guided by principles of caring for the soil and listening to the land. This high quality flower is the foundation for all of our other products produced in our manufacturing facility in Santa Rosa."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC
"Our goal is to make Sonoma County the most approachable jurisdiction to cultivate cannabis outdoors."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

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3/4/2020 | Bay Area Reporter

Bay Area Cannasseur: Compassionate care programs getting into gear

By Sari Staver

Compassionate care programs are expected to expand locally, following the March 1 start date for Senate Bill 34, the new state law making it easier for organizations to legally donate cannabis to low-income patients. The law, known as the Brownie... read more

"[Sweetleaf Collective founder Joe] Airone said that Sweetleaf has been working with Flow Kana, which donated cannabis, and the LGBT-owned dispensary chain SPARC, which distributed the products to patients. Sweetleaf has been selling lighters for $1 each at all SPARC locations, which has raised over $5,000 toward the overhead of the program."

Learn more: read more about SPARC's mission and promise

2/20/2020 | Bohemian

Pushback Time

Meet the Cannabis Business Association of Sonoma County

By Jonah Raskin

Call them Sonoma County’s best-known marijuana-istas. Erich Pearson, Alexa Wall, Erin Gore, Ron Ferraro and Dennis Hunter are among the most outspoken activists in an industry that long encouraged its members to be faceless and nameless, stay... read more

"We will make Sonoma County the example of sensible cannabis regulation."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: read more about the Cannabis Business Association of Sonoma County (CBASC)

2/2/2020 | The Press Democrat

Cannabis companies seek business-friendly rules in Sonoma County

By Julie Johnson

On a cold night in November, local cannabis entrepreneurs filled the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors’ meeting hall for a public reckoning about a legal marketplace struggling to meet the county’s demands. Steep taxes, expensive environmental... read more

"That’s the goal of this trade association: To lower the barrier to entry in Sonoma County so that we have businesses that can compete on a state level."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: read about SPARC's long history in California cannabis

10/14/2019 | Sonoma Index-Tribune

Glen Ellen bio-pot farmer to be saluted at salmon soiree

Erich Pearson, the biodynamic cannabis farmer who operates Sparc Farm in Glen Ellen, will be feted by the Golden State Salmon Association at the group’s annual salmon dinner on Nov. 16. The group chose Pearson as its 2019 honoree due to the way... read more

"We are thrilled to honor Erich this year and he rightfully joins other Sonoma water stewards including Sam Sebastiani, Mike Benziger, Phil Coturri, the Mulas family and Grant Davis."
John McManus
President, Golden State Salmon Association

Learn more: take a virtual tour of the SPARC Farm, located in the heart of Sonoma Valley

7/17/2019 | The Grass Agency

Sparc SoMa: Compassionate use in an adult-use world

By Christopher Trout

On paper, Sparc reads like our dream dispensary. It offers in-store recycling programs, supports the city’s equity initiative, champions compassionate use, and sells biodynamic flower grown on its own farms. After more than a decade as a... read more

"We went into Sparc with little knowledge of its history and few expectations. It wasn’t until after our trip that we learned of its rich history and commitment to sustainability, equity, and marijuana as medicine."

Learn more: read more about SPARC's mission and promise

3/7/2019 | SF Evergreen

The Love Shack Is Back! (It’s Now Called ‘The Love Shack by SPARC’)

Hop in your Chrysler that's as big as a whale, because the Mission's Love Shack by SPARC dispensary just set sail again after a one-year hiatus

By Joe Kukura

Some of San Francisco’s very first dispensaries were around before medical-marijuana cards even existed. One of those shuttered legacy dispensaries has returned. The Love Shack is back after closing in March 2018, now under the slightly revised... read more

"We wanted to embrace the history and the character that it had in the neighborhood. We had a lot of folks walking by when we were putting down the new mural on the floor, jumping up and down, happy to see us here."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: see all of SPARC's locations

1/11/2019 | Leafly

Photos: Cannabis Goes Beyond Organic in California’s Wine Country

By David Downs

More and more consumers want cannabis grown under full sun, in the soil, using organic nutrients. They think it tastes and feels better than lamp-grown, synthetically fertilized plants grown indoors. Meeting that demand is a new generation of... read more

"Biodynamic cannabis farming, with its emphasis on good health, natural inputs and cycles, and honoring the Earth, is the best way to grow this healing plant. It’s not easy to grow this way, but it is simple, because it most closely mimics what nature would do itself. The result is a clean, flavorful cannabis with extraordinary powers."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: take a virtual tour of the SPARC Farm, located in the heart of Sonoma Valley

12/28/2018 | San Francisco Chronicle

‘Death by a thousand cuts:’ California’s first year of legalized pot is no smooth trip

By Peter Fimrite

The legal marijuana market, so long a twinkle in the eye of the cannabis cognoscenti, has hit hard times in California, where high prices, red tape and competition from the black market have cast a pall over what was supposed to be a triumphant... read more

"If you look at alcohol, you see there is still an appreciation for small-batch products, so I think you’ll see that. Unfortunately right now the regulations are just too much for the smaller businesses. A lot of them will have to go away and come back later."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: read about SPARC's long history in California cannabis