8/1/2017 | Kenwood Press

Cannabis farm takes root in Glen Ellen

By Sarah C. Phelps

With its application currently traveling down Sonoma County’s new cannabis permitting pipeline, San Francisco-based SPARC has brought its four-acre medical marijuana farm in Glen Ellen into the limelight. The year-old SPARC (San Francisco Patient... read more

"We grow and produce the majority of the cannabis we sell. That’s really important to us. We take a lot of pride in what we’re offering."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC
"We are farm-to-table, terroir driven, and tap root based. When you plant a seed in the ground, each plant is a bit different. They send out tap roots that ingest minerals and water from the soil providing a unique terroir-influenced product. The cannabis grown on our biodynamic farm will be the equivalent of a reserve wine from a winery."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC
"I’ve been working on the cannabis frontier for a long time. We’ve been making steady progress, but it certainly hasn’t been easy. This farm and the possibilities available from biodynamic farming are absolutely thrilling. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out, but I am sure we are onto something very special."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: take a virtual tour of the SPARC Farm, located in the heart of Sonoma Valley

7/18/2017 | Emerald Report

Breaking new ground: Wine and weed leaders collaborate on biodynamic Sonoma Valley pot farm

By Heather Irwin

Erich Pearson is no stranger to planting cannabis. As the CEO of SPARC and a longtime marijuana activist, he’s spent years farming pot indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. But with his feet in the warm dirt of Sonoma Valley, even he’s a little... read more

"I have believed in the biodynamic model for a long time. I have seen it work in the wine business. To have Erich embrace this type of farming with his cannabis could create a whole new prototype for how that crop is farmed in America."
Mike Benziger
Biodynamic farming leader
"I understand the importance of working with the government, the public entities in Sonoma County and neighbors in Sonoma Valley to explain what we are doing and how this new, biodynamic farm venture will contribute to and enrich the community."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: take a virtual tour of the SPARC Farm, located in the heart of Sonoma Valley

5/22/2017 | The Press Democrat

Santa Rosa’s Peace in Medicine merging with SPARC

By Julie Johnson

One of Sonoma County’s most recognized marijuana dispensaries is merging with a large San Francisco cannabis collective. Peace in Medicine is integrating with its longtime partner SPARC, the San Francisco Patient and Resource Center, a Mission... read more

"Given increased competition, we think it will be easier to promote our mission under one brand, and it's more unifying as a company. We're one big team now."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC
"Erich is one of the greatest growers there is. The collaboration grew from there."
Robert Jacob
Founder, Peace in Medicine

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7/28/2016 | Hoodline

Despite Merchant Pushback, SPARC Debuts Pop-Up Lower Haight Dispensary

By Rose Garrett

This week, medical cannabis dispensary SPARC debuted a pop-up dispensary, “Farm Direct,” at 473 Haight St. in the Lower Haight. The opening comes ahead of an Aug. 4th Planning Commission hearing, which will review the dispensary’s... read more

"[SPARC's pop-up store in Lower Haight, 'Farm Direct',] is a simple, straightforward concept that allows us to bring a quality product to directly to our local patient base with a curated selection of locally sourced cannabis."
Joel Freston
PR Manager, SPARC

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9/30/2015 | Hoodline

SPARC Cannabis Dispensary Headed To Former Good Fellows Space

By Jennie Butler

Fans of the recently-shuttered Good Fellows will be pleased to know that another cannabis dispensary, SPARC, is planning to take over its former space at 473 Haight St. SPARC has existed as a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary since 2001. For... read more

"SPARC has existed as a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary since 2001. For its first nine years, SPARC operated as a cannabis collective that provided medicine to local hospice faculties, like Maitri and Cohen Residence. In 2011, it opened a brick-and-mortar dispensary at 1256 Mission St. in SoMa. The Lower Haight space would be its second location."

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9/30/2015 | SFist

Pot Boom: Two Local Dispensaries, SPARC And Apothecarium, Plot Expansions

By Jay Barmann

As we await possible statewide marijuana legalization in 2016, we’re getting news today of two big SF dispensaries expanding their footprints in the city as providers of medical weed. First there’s “Apple Store of pot... read more

"We're really excited about taking the existing model and aesthetics of the original space and making it a smaller and more efficient operation. It'll be all the same elements and materials, with some refinements: white oak counters, a similar but slightly different facade. It should be a nice addition to the neighborhood."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

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11/24/2014 | Business Insider

Meet Sparc, The Apple Store Of Marijuana Shops

By Taylor Lorenz

When you walk into Sparc, a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, you may have to do a double take before you realize they’re selling weed. “If you walk into any other business, whether it’s a restaurant or food service... read more

"The clean, well-lit interior is lined with thick, modern pale wood shelving similar to an Apple retail location"

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11/6/2014 | SFist

Eaze, The Uber of Pot Delivery, Partners With S.F.'s SPARC Dispensary

By Jay Barmann

A new service that delivers marijuana to the door of anyone with a medical marijuana card, via mobile app, just partnered with major San Francisco pot dispensary SPARC in order to create a powerful, high-end service catering to all your cannabis... read more

"SPARC shares our vision to deliver marijuana to patients quickly, easily and professionally."
Keith McCarty
Founder & CEO, Eaze
"Delivery is no small task, and SPARC has the kind of wide variety of quality cannabis that's needed to meet patient demand in San Francisco."
Erich Pearson
Founder & CEO, SPARC

Learn more: order delivery from SPARC now

2/2/2012 | 7x7

Go Inside SoMa’s Stunning SPARC Cannabis Club

By Erin Renzas

We’ve long been smitten with the uber-chic SoMa cannabis club SPARC (San Francisco Patient and Resource Center). Designed by Larissa Sand of San Francisco’s Sand Studios, the dispensary is one of the city’s most stunning spaces,... read more

"Designed by Larissa Sand of San Francisco's Sand Studios, the [SPARC SOMA] dispensary is one of the city's most stunning spaces, and now it has won one of California Home + Design's coveted 2012 Design Awards for Commercial Design."

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