Scenes From a Posh Private Cannabis Party

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By Carolyne Zinko, Greenstate.com, Nov. 27, 2017

“It’s not very McKinsey-like!” said a 30-ish woman, who presumably worked at the international consulting firm, while glancing at marijuana and tall glass bongs at a backyard party in San Mateo, California, before quickly walking away.

Many of the 50 guests at philanthropist Crickette Brown Glad’s “Summer of Love” party on Aug. 19 were happy enough to dress in tie-dye clothing and dance to a live band playing songs by Cream, the Monkees and other ‘60s music. But they were skittish when it came to being quoted about their views on the “Cannabis Cafe” set up by SPARC, a San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary. (The city of San Mateo does not allow medical dispensaries.)

“I’ve never seen this before — I think it’s cool,” said a woman named Susan from Hillsborough, smelling the strains of dried bud in the same way people sniff and swirl at a wine tasting.

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