Jump-Start the Holiday Spirit With New, Seasonal-Flavored Cannabis Products

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The holidays are upon us, and even in this often gloomy and stressful year, everyone needs to reward themselves for getting through it with some Yuletide cheer.

And while there may not be any office parties or house parties this year, you can ring in the season safely at home — and with fewer hangovers — with the help of some festive-flavored cannabis products that are new in the SPARC store.

Tired of eggnog lattes and pumpkin-spiced everything? Several cannabis companies have been getting creative with their holiday beverages and edibles this year, and there’s plenty to choose from, flavor-wise.

Microdose “social tonic” brand Cann is a great place to start for your holiday imbibing — and, when possible, socially distanced outside gatherings. Recognizing that “thousands of years of humanity is centered around socializing with beverages,” Cann founders Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson have created THC- and CBD-infused canned beverages in interesting flavors — including the new Cranberry Sage tonic ($18 for a four-pack) for the holiday season. With about 35 calories per can, it makes for the perfect substitute for a glass of wine or cocktail — and with just two milligrams of THC and four milligrams of CBD per can, you’ll get a light buzz within 15 minutes that quickly fades in about an hour.

And if you’re not into cranberry, as a flavor, check out Cann’s six-packs of Blood Orange Cardamom tonic, and Grapefruit Rosemary tonic, both of which will also bring some holiday spice with a little bit of giddy high.

If you’re looking to put some new seasonal flavors in your edibles mix, check out the new sugar plum-flavored Kanha Nano gummies ($20) from Kanha Treats. Each indica gummy is 10 milligrams of THC — and Kanha boasts that their nanomolecular technology is great “for a quicker, harder-hitting onset.” And, as always, there’s a zero-pesticide guarantee with Kanha’s edibles, and they’re made from all-natural ingredients — sugar plums and all.

Whether you’re looking for a festive stocking stuffer for your edibles-loving significant other, or just for a fun, low-dose dessert treat for a winter’s night, you need to try the Peppermint Bark Bar from Kiva ($22). Each 100-milligram chocolate bar can be broken in 20 five-milligram squares, for the perfect microdose after a holiday meal. The bars are swirled with white chocolate and dusted with crushed peppermint candy, and like all of Kiva’s award-winning chocolate edibles, it’s made with cold-water hash — a labor-intensive technique that produces a clean, pure cannabis concentrate known for its delicious taste and full-body high.

‘Tis the season for indulging — and over-indulging — but with these holiday cannabis treats you’ll at least be spared the indigestion and morning-after headaches.

Check out these items and more in the SPARC online store.

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