Tips for a First Time Weed Smoker

Sparc: Tips for a First Time Weed Smoker

Do you want to smoke weed? Are you unsure how to do it? If you are a first-time weed smoker, then we have a bunch of great tips to make your first experience enjoyable.

People smoke weed for lots of reasons. Many smoke weed for a recreational high that is safer than drinking alcohol. And some people smoke cannabis for medicinal benefits:

  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Reduce nausea
  • Relieve Migraines
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Appetite
  • Reduce inflammation

Whatever your reason for learning to smoke weed, we have the best tips for the first time weed smoker.


Before sitting down to smoke weed for the first time, you need to prepare for the experience. By following our tips on how to prepare to smoke weed, you’ll guarantee a better experience.

Get Information From a Professional

Before your first time smoking, you’ll want to talk to a budtender at your local dispensary. Budtenders are weed professionals that will have lots of valuable information about the right kinds of weed to smoke for your first time.

Depending on why you are smoking cannabis, the budtender will recommend certain medicinal and recreational strains. They will also suggest which strains are better for first-time users, give dosage instructions, and explain the best consumption and storage methods.

Control Your Surroundings

You want your first experience to be in a safe and comfortable environment. You’ll want your space to be as relaxing as possible—find your happy place. This is generally a living room in your home and not the back alley of a 7 Eleven. (That would be the opposite of safe.)

You do not want to smoke weed for the first time with strangers or shady dudes. Make sure to surround yourself with friends you trust. You’ll want to trust they will take care of you and not pass you any harmful weed. 

Clear Your Schedule

First-time weed smokers often pass out or feel heavy-bodied. You will in no way be able to function for regular routines after your first time smoking weed. And you don’t want to smoke weed right before you have to go somewhere. Odds are, you won’t make it.

Bring Water

When you smoke weed, your mouth’s receptors stop producing saliva, creating another side effect of smoking weed is dry mouth or “cotton mouth.” Dry mouth will go away once the THC is out of your system.

When smoking weed, you want to have water near you for several reasons:

  • Reduces dry mouth
  • Quenches thirst
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Relieves headaches

Another reason to have water is to help with coughing. First-time weed smokers often cough while learning to smoke. Water can help relieve the burn and itch in your throat. According to Bustle magazine, you’ll want to have at least sixteen ounces of water ready before you begin.

Load Up On Snacks

Feeling hungry is a common side effect of smoking weed. This is called “the munchies.” Most people get the munchies from smoking weed, especially the first time you smoke. 

You’ll want to load up on your favorite snacks beforehand so that you don’t feel the need to drive while you are high. This will also save you money in the long run because sometimes munchie cravings take over. And then you’ll spend crazy amounts of money Doordashing creamy mac and cheesy or Hostess Snowballs. 

Don’t question the munchies, or they will own you.

Choose A Beginner-Friendly Piece

When first starting, you want to start small to learn how your body will react to the weed. Because there are many ways to smoke weed, you’ll want to keep it simple by starting with a:

  • Joint: This is a small amount of cannabis rolled in a thin paper for smoking like a cigarette.
  • Blunt: This is a cigar wrapper filled with cannabis. One blunt is equal to six joints.
  • Bowl: This is a small smoking pipe where a small amount of weed is placed in the pipe bowl to be lit.

Do not start with a bong or dabs. This will wreck you and not in a good way.

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Sparc: Tips for a First Time Weed Smoker: Start with a joint

Tips For When You Start Smoking 

Once you have made all the preparations, you are ready to smoke weed for the first time. Here are our best tips for smoking as a first-time weed smoker.

 Inhale Deeply

When first-time weed smokers take their first drag on a joint or bowl, they don’t inhale deeply. Instead, they’ll take a quick puff, which will have little effect. Inhaling the smoke deep into the lungs will maximize the impact of the weed on your body. To do this:

  • Inhale the smoke but don’t let it fill your mouth. Suck the smoke down into your lungs.
  • Remove the joint from your lips, and without releasing the smoke, take a quick breath drawing in a little clean air into your lungs.
  • Hold for a second and then slowly release the smoke and air from your lungs.

Of course, this is why lots of first-time weed smokers cough because they haven’t quite adjusted to how the smoke feels inside their bodies. If you cough, don’t worry. Hopefully, you have your water ready, and you can get a drink before trying again.

Sharing is Caring

Hopefully, you are smoking weed with friends in a positive environment. As a weed smoker, it is very important to share the weed with everyone who wants a hit. Keeping the joint or bowl to yourself is bad manners and a weed taboo. Don’t be that guy.

Joints burn quickly, so remember to pass the joint to the next person after taking a deep hit. Always share. It’s the kind thing to do. There is plenty to go around.

Learn Your Limits

As a first-time weed smoker, it’s essential that you take your time. Weed takes a few minutes to take effect on the body. So take a few puffs and pass the weed to someone else. This will give you time to gauge the intensity of the effects and how you are feeling:

  • Has your mood changed, or do you feel high?
  • Do you feel calm, overwhelmed, or anxious?
  • Are you feeling sleepy?
  • Are you experiencing negative feelings?

Keep track of how many puffs it took to feel high. If you have negative thoughts or feel stoned out of your mind, remember that it’s okay to pass the joint instead of taking another puff. Find your limit and act responsibly. 

Remember, It’s Okay to Cough 

Coughing is a natural reaction to letting something other than air into your lungs. Your lungs will initially fight it. The smoke can cause a burning, itchy feeling that only a cough can relieve. This is a normal reaction for smoking weed the first time.

Remember that water you have? Get a drink of water, soothe the itch, and try again.

When you are high, try to relax.

What To Do Once You’re High

Embrace the feeling and relax. You can socialize with those around you, philosophize, or express yourself in creative ways like art, music, yoga, or writing. The critical thing to remember is to relax and enjoy it.

Enjoy It

Some of our favorite ways to enjoy the high from weed are to:

  • Listen to your favorite band.
  • Eat ice cream or your favorite munchies.
  • Watch an entertaining movie.
  • Go outside and enjoy nature.

What to Do if it’s a Bad High

While no one has ever overdosed from smoking marijuana, you can experience a bad high. The Center for Disease Control defines the signs of a bad high:

  • Extreme confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Increased heart rate
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Severe nausea or vomiting

If you experience any of these signs, it is essential to:

  • Acknowledge the bad high as anxiety
  • Remember that nothing bad is actually going to happen
  • Retreat to a quiet place
  • Enlist a friend to talk you down from the bad high or give you a hug to relieve stress
  • Do not drive a car.

Closing Remarks 

The first time you smoke marijuana can be a fun and rewarding experience. Do not set unrealistic expectations on yourself and be patient. Learning to smoke weed can be difficult at first but be patient, and you’ll figure it out.

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t feel high after you smoked weed. This is common for first-time weed smokers because they haven’t quite grasped how to inhale the smoke best to create the high. Give it time and enjoy the ride.

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Want to get the most out of your high? Read how to appreciate cannabis through the senses.

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