Easy Guide on How to Use a Vape Pen

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One of the reasons that vape pens have become quite as popular as they are is that they are easy to use. It doesn’t take long to figure out how to use them even if you’re entirely new to vaping. However, if you want a better idea of how they work and how to get the best out of your vape pen, we have you covered. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about how to use a vape pen.

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What Exactly Is a Vape Pen? 

Vape pens are devices that work using a power source that heats a vape tank or cartridge. The tank or cartridge contains a material, usually called e-liquid, to create a vapor that you, the user, then inhale and exhale. Vape pens have become massively popular, gaining attention since 2010. While some have used them to quit traditional cigarettes, others have used them to enjoy all sorts of products, including electronic hookah, CBD products, and cannabis oil cartridges. Vape pens have got consistently larger in capacity, allowing for more battery life and e-liquid storage as time goes on. Do you want to learn more about vape pens? Visit us at Sparc!

Parts of a Vape Pen


Also known as the tank, the pod, or the cartomizer, this part is where your device stores the cannabis oil that is to be heated. Some vape pens use disposable cartridges that are bought, drained, and then thrown away. For other devices, this will be a built-in section of the pen that you can fill repeatedly. They come in various sizes and capacities.

510 Threads 

This term describes a particular part of the vape pen battery: the battery’s threading. Effectively, it’s the connecting part between the internal battery and the cartridge. The name “510 threads” comes from the fact that they are supposed to be ten threads at 0.5 mm. If you have a 510 thread battery, you also need to use cartridges that are compatible with 510 threads.

Internal Battery 

The battery provides power to the cartridge’s wick, heating the vape substance inside to produce the vapor that you inhale. Of course, depending on your battery size and capacity, this will also determine how long you can run your vaporizer. It also largely determines the shape and grip of the vape pen. Some people like a box mod battery that’s a little more sizeable, while others prefer a slim or extended battery. They’re usually lithium-ion batteries, which are highly cost-effective, rechargeable, and likely to last for a long time.

Rechargeable and Disposable Vape Pens 

There are both rechargeable and disposable types of vape pens, as well as disposable parts. This primarily refers to the battery type. With a rechargeable battery, you can keep using it so long as you resupply it with power. Disposable batteries are not rechargeable. While somewhat more wasteful, they are also much more affordable.

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Push Button vs. Draw-Activated Vape Pens 

There are also different methods of “powering” the vape pen. A push-button vape pen will activate the battery, heating the e-liquid when you press the button down. Usually, these types have a power button to turn on before they can produce vapor, making sure that you don’t accidentally activate it inside your pocket. Draw-activated vape pens, also known as automatic battery vape pens, don’t need to be turned on. Instead, they start working as soon as you puff on them.

How to Use a Vape Pen for THC Weed Oil and Distillate Carts 

Vape pens work with various THC products, and weed oil and distillate carts are some of the easiest to use out of them. These often come as pre-filled cartridges that you need to attach to the vape pen. It’s encouraged to start puffing smaller amounts at a lower power if possible, as the effects may be subtle at first, but you want to make sure that you’re managing your dosage.

Dabs and Wax 

Vape pens can heat dabs and wax, allowing for a more potent puff of THC. However, this works best with vape pens explicitly designed for dabs that allow for the higher temperatures that enable them to dissolve as efficiently as possible. A small amount of dab/wax is loaded with a dab tool, heated by the coil, and it’s recommended you take little puffs minutes apart once it starts to dissolve, as many people underestimate the strength of dabs.


You can smoke weed using a vape pen. You can get attachments that use the battery to light weed and dry herbs. However, these attachments tend not to work with draw-activated vape pens. Furthermore, the average pen does not provide enough heat to vaporize dry substances as effectively as they do with e-liquids, so it may be better to find a weed vape pen specifically designed for it.

How to Use a Vape Pen for CBD Oil Cartridges 

Much as with a THC distillate, there are pre-filled CBD oil cartridges you can quite easily use with your vape pen. These need to be screwed onto the vape pen thread if you’re using a rechargeable type. As with THC, it’s recommended you start with smaller puffs on the lower power setting on your pen.

Find the Right Vape Pen for You 

Different vape pens

There’s no one vape pen that’s recommended for everyone. It’s best to choose one that suits your needs. If you want to try vaping THC once and don’t want to invest too much, an inexpensive disposable option might be best. However, if you’re going to vape on the regular, then rechargeable is the best way to go. Make sure you choose a device with the capability to help you vape your choice’s substance and with the battery capacity to suit your needs. What kind of vape pen is your perfect match? Come check out what Sparc has to offer!

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