SPARC exists to be a positive, guiding light. Each week, we introduce new featured brands to continue our rich history of connecting customers to brands. Our goal is to help you get to know the wide variety of world class brands we carry on our shelves so that you can find your next favorite product. We are tremendously proud of the company we keep.


PLUS: California’s #1 gummy brand

Founded in 2015 in the Bay Area, PLUS gummies are offered in an array of THC:CBD ratios, all with 5mg of THC or less. Crafted by a Michelin-star chef in our food-grade production facility, our gummies use pure THC distillate for a cleaner high and are tested 7x internally for safety and consistency.

PLUS Gummies Infographic

Whether you’re looking for balance, a little uplift, or simply wanting to unwind, we have a gummy to support your every mood. CBD Relief offers powerful anti-inflammatory and calming effects with low psychoactivity options. Available in a 9:1 Tropical Mango (180mg CBD/20mg THC), 18:1 Tart Cherry (380mg CBD/20mg THC), and 1:1 Pomegranate(100mg CBD/100mg THC).

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IC Collective Flower

IC COLLECTIVE: Iconic contemporary cannabis

IC Collective is committed to breeding proprietary, iconic, top shelf cannabis. They cultivate cannabis because they are passionate about its history and have been a part of this journey for over 20 years. Based in Oakland, their strain library is intentionally unique, and favorites include:

  • Sour Scout — Bred by legendary Diamondback Genetics, Sour Scout blends Sour Diesel with OGKB for an epiphany of cannabis perfection. Enveloped in a kief coating, cone shaped buds make this an instant classic.
  • Crossroad Chem — A punch of pine awaits your nose when Chem Dog 91 meets her match in the equally esteemed SFV OG. This is the type of cannabis that makes your forehead sweat as you remember the first time you got high.
  • Ziablo — When you open the jar you’ll get hit with a combination of fuel and candy aromas that’s well beyond unique. Ziablo grows beautiful big buds with a subtle hue of lavender. To create Ziablo, we crossed Diablo OG female x Blueberry Headband x Sour Chem, then crossed a male from that project with Zkittlez.

8/3-8/9: 10% off IC Collective flower*

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Jetty Extracts Unrefined Live Resin Cartridge

JETTY EXTRACTS: Unrefined live resin cartridges

Jetty Extracts brand new Unrefined Live Resin is extracted with an ultra-light touch, preserving more terpenes, cannabinoids, and other plant compounds for a true flower high. Now available in these 1g 510 cartridges:

  • Legend OG (Indica Dominant Hybrid) – This one is primarily petrol and earthy flavors with a sweet, fruity finish. In the lab we describe it as a ‘Sweet OG.’  It’s an Indica dominant hybrid with a relaxing, heavy-on-your-eyelids type feeling.
  • Super Glue (Indica Dominant Hybrid) – A nice hybrid that’s just a little bit heavy on the indica side with classic fruit scents and skunky overtones. The terps are nicely balanced and provide a mellow—but not sedative—effect. Keep a lower temp for the smoothest flavor.
  • Blue Dream (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)You may have tried this popular legacy strain in the decade since it came onto the scene, but UNREFINED Live Resin Blue Dream is a whole new way to experience it. We keep it as close to the flower as possible, with minimal processing to preserve a more complex profile of terps and cannabinoids. The dark berry fruit flavors really pop, with a flower high that’s clear-headed and euphoric.
  • Black Lime (Indica Dominant Hybrid) – This one comes to us from a small grower in Mendo who has been at it for decades. Definitely a peppery profile but the ‘Lime Rind’ is also a powerful scent zone. There’s something really special about this one’s Indica potency meets Haze euphoria.
  • Emerald OG (Indica Dominant Hybrid) – Emerald OG is a cross between Fire OG x Emerald Diesel. This strain has lots of floral notes with some underlying hints of gas.  The flower comes from a small mom-and-pop farm in Mendocino. They’re second generation cannabis farmers who tell us Emerald OG is their go-to for unwinding after a long day working on the farm.
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Arcturus Extract

ARCTURUS: The “harvest star”

Arcturus, the brightest star in the California sky, is now the brightest star at SPARC!

From the heart of Humboldt County, Arcturus proudly offers the very essence of the whole plant to the whole planet: pure, strain-specific, full-spectrum extractions from prized cultivars grown under earth’s real sun, in real living soil, using sustainable methods.

Every release of their highly sought-after products is a celebration of our most bountiful harvest, offering the true connoisseur a truly dynamic constellation of experience and flavor.

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