Social Equity Programs are designed to lower barriers to cannabis licensing for those hardest hit by the War on Drugs.

Thousands of lives — predominantly within communities of color — have been negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition. In an attempt to counter this history, many states and cities have implemented Social Equity Programs in connection alongside cannabis legalization.

Social Equity Programs create a more inclusive and diverse industry. They help provide ownership opportunities, expand educational tools, end policies that burden communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs, and invest in communities that have been disenfranchised due to the consequences of drug policies of the past. While other industries have focused purely on profits, growth, and other capitalistic tendencies — the cannabis industry includes an agenda to right the wrongs of outdated laws and policies in order to create more equitable opportunities.

In our continued commitment to create a fair and legal cannabis industry, SPARC is proud to support and promote several local Social Equity brands — and we encourage you to learn more about these great brands.


Forty Tons Logo

40 TONS: Fighting the good fight

After owner Loriel Alegrete’s husband was arrested and sent to jail on cannabis charges, she was left to pick up the pieces of their life and battle the fear and trauma left in its wake. Activism became the tool to fight the injustices of the system, and 40 Tons believes no one should spend a lifetime in prison for a plant that many consume and profit from legally. 

Cultivated by legacy cultivators across California, their recipes are carefully crafted with flavor, effect, and cost efficiency all equally considered to provide the dankest band-for-your-buck flower on the market.

Category: flower

Dios brand logo

DIOS: We believe in doing it ourselves

Doing It Ourselves (DIOS) is a black owned, woman-led distribution company and cannabis brand that caters to the everyday consumer. They partner with cultivators that practice environmental friendly cultivation and provide the essential organic nutrients the plants need. DIOS does everything themselves from sourcing the flower, packaging, transportation, accounting and handling all the social media accounts.

DIOS’ mission is to advance the spirit of Oakland’s Equity Permit policy, developed by Councilwoman Desley Brooks, by creating strategies and products that empower communities, inform consumers, and build leverage for cannabis business owners using valuable industry research and data. DIOS is a testament to what happens when policy is done right. Their team recognizes the importance of engaging business practices that advance culture, maintain integrity, and honor the lives and communities impacted by the War on Drugs.

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DREAMT: The award-winning cannabis sleep aid

Dreamt was founded by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, a nationally-recognized cannabis scientist and product developer who has had chronic sleep problems throughout her life.

After nothing could help her fall asleep and stay asleep, Carolina developed a formulation combining cannabinoids, terpenes and other common sleep supplements. It worked. After several rounds of blind studies and refinement, that formulation would become dreamt.

Category: cartridge, tincture

EMERALD SKY: Cannabis infused edibles

Emerald Sky is a Bay Area edibles manufacturer that strives to produce world-class and lip-smacking confections infused with the highest quality cannabis, in every single bite. They produce licorice, gummies, peanut butter cups, and hard fruit drops. Their candy manufacturing team has over a century of experience making sweets, with our origins dating back to 1902. They infuse their products with cannabis sourced from growers within the famed Emerald Triangle.

They never use artificial ingredients and every batch is tested for potency, via third party lab testing, and all of their products are pesticide free. Their advanced proprietary micro-dosing technology allows them to control the accuracy of their formulations, so that you know exactly what you are buying and consuming.

Category: edibles

KGB RESERVE: Feel the flavor

Feel the flavor with KGB Reserve. KGB is an acronym for “Killer Green Bud”, the main ingredient used to create all of their products. KGB Reserve takes pride in sourcing flower from Northern California’s finest farmers — and they only use whole flower, super premium, top shelf buds. The flavor has to be loud: it has to feel smooth on the back of your throat and the ashes need to burn white or it doesn’t get selected.

The prized killer green buds are broken down and ground into just the right consistency. A mixture of diamond sauce and distillate is hand painted by a team of cannabis connoisseurs who truly love their craft. They complete the process with a light dusting of locally sourced kief. This perfect preroll is available in two sizes: Torpedo (1.3 grams) & Bambino (0.5 grams).

KGB is a self-funded, minority owned, social equity brand based out of Oakland, CA. They believe in humanity, stand for equality, and never compromises on quality.

Category: prerolls

LOBO: A pack above the rest

Lobo‘s premium cannabis cigars are a unique product, hand-crafted with top shelf indoor organic flower and selected for terpenes and potency. To get the best product, they collaborate with the best growers and extractors in California. From the flower, to the live sauce, to the cannabis fan leaves — this is a pure cannabis experience, the way it should be.

Lobo is a minority-owned brand that is licensed by Green Line, a social equity facility out of Oakland, CA.

Category: prerolls

Luchador logo

LUCHADOR: a super fuerte brand that helps you fight whatever the day brings

Luchador was created by Carolina Vazquez Mitchell aka LA CIENTIFICA, founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Ciencia Labs. Originally from Guadalajara, Carolina has created more than 60 cannabis products, including dreamt, the award-winning cannabis for sleep.

Step into the ring with LUCHADOR, the super-strength cannabis tincture that helps you fight whatever the day brings.

Category: tinctures

OAKLAND EXTRACTS: A legacy brand rooted in the Bay Area

Oakland Extracts was founded by two friends and former budtenders, Terryn and Tran. Their combined cannabis experience empowered them to provide top-shelf concentrates at everyday, affordable prices.

They provide top shelf quality extracts at an everyday price, with a focus on flavor through a low-temp extraction method. Their signature cookie crumble wax and flower sourced from local small farms.

Category: concentrates

Sanctuary Farms logo

SANCTUARY FARMS: Sustainability, responsibility, & guardianship

Sanctuary Farms holds a commitment to produce quality, sun grown products using natural and organic farming methods. They seek to combine ancestral agricultural practices with modern science and strategy, which has led them to developing innovative and unique recipes to supplement their farm. They strongly believe that their farming approach provides a healthy environment for enhanced beneficial medicinal components in our products. They consistently work towards improved sustainability and welcome the responsibility for guardianship of the land, environment, and elements in order for our plants to thrive.

Category: flower

SF Roots logo (Black)

SF ROOTS: Cannabis, compassion, & community

SF Roots is a cannabis company that’s committed to giving back to their community. Founded in 2014 under California Prop 215, SF Roots is San Francisco’s first social equity cannabis brand. Inspired by the culture and compassion of its namesake, their goal is to carry the torch by advocating for fellow social equity operators, partnering with local artists, and supporting other small businesses in the Bay Area and beyond.

The team is composed mostly of BIPOC, and they are working to break the cycle of inequality in the industry and society at large. SF Roots was nominated for Best Cannabis Brand Owned by a Person of Color at the 2020 Weedy Awards.

Category: flower

SyncSF: Lifting up equity brands through partnership

SyncSF is proud to be a Bay Area Equity Brand founded by a 4th generation San Franciscan, with a goal to lift up communities and other equity applicants who have been negatively impacted by the war on drugs. 

Their small batch, high quality flower promotes collective wellbeing while also supporting the Bay Area cannabis community. SyncSF is a proud Hall of Flowers Equity Grant winner.

Category: flower

Visit SPARC’s Social Equity Resource Center for more information about supporting social equity in cannabis.