Our Smart Vapes vibrate after a short hit so you know how high you’re getting

Brain Vacation

Peel yourself away from the curse of human intellect with this high-THC blend from Optimist.


Net Wt. 0.25g
10 THC : 1 CBD

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Her Majesty

Share a chuckle over the erosion of democracy in the colonies with this gay and uplifting blend from Optimist.


Net Wt. 0.25g
4 THC : 1 CBD

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This 1:1 THC to CBD blend is so creamy and relaxing it will make you ask, “is this guacamole?”


Net Wt. 0.25g
1 THC : 1 CBD

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What’s a smart vape?

Vibrates after each hit (1.5 sec) so you know how high you’re getting.

LED flashes red when running low

Only natural cannabis oils with no added fillers or thinning agents


Details for weed nerds

How to smart vape

Put mouth on side

Inhale until it buzzes
(1.5 seconds)

Exhale like a normal person

What we spend your money on

We donate 50% of our profits to worthy organizations

This month’s donation goes to the Stop Trump PAC, because democracy only works when you throw money at it.

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